Madeliene O’Mara

It’s been 10 years since my Parkinson’s diagnosis and 1 year participating in Rock Steady Boxing Boston with Coach Al Latulippe. My mobility, strength and motivation have increased remarkably. When I would lose my balance, I would fall. Now, I have the strength to catch myself, breaking the fall. If I do fall, I now have the ability to fall correctly avoiding injury.

The intangibles of camaraderie working out with my fellow Parkinson’s brothers and sisters, the support we give to each other whether we are “ON” or “OFF” have been an extra bonus. We are now family.

My Neurologist thinks I look great and I’ve had no medication increase the past year. The Neurologist has recommended Rock Steady Boxing to other patients and has Rock Steady Boxing brochures displayed in the office. My Neurologist commented after seeing a video of the workout, “that’s cool.” I replied, “yes, it’s fun to hit the bag.”

We are lucky to have a Coach like Al who understands the disease and can adapt to all the complications and side effects of the medications we take.

In short, thanks to Rock Steady Boxing Boston, I am physically and mentally stronger than I ever was since my diagnosis.

– Madeline O’Mara