Paul Bonaparte-Krogh


Paul Bonaparte-Krogh

Before RSB I had never boxed and hadn’t been in a gym since high school. Now, I look forward to RSB every week for the camaraderie with other people with Parkinson’s in a doable, empowering 90 minute program dedicated, unlike other exercise programs in which I participate, just to those of us with PD.

Doctors’ appointments, short-term and one-off PD wellness programs, conference days, occupational and speech therapy programs, once-a-month support groups have all been valuable, but those are about being a patient with a degenerative illness.

At RSB we are in that tribe, with that tribe, but actively engaged together in what we CAN do and enjoy. We are experiencing our capabilities, not our problems. With Al Latulippe’s dependable and enthusiastic leadership, RSB has become my community and attending is the highlight of my week.

– Paul Bonaparte-Krogh