Julia Huestis


Julia Huestis

I started attending the Rock Steady Boxing at the beginning of this summer. I have found that I am getting a lot out of it, some things I was not expecting. I knew I would meet great people and I did. I knew I would get a good workout and I do, every time. But there are a few things I wasn’t expecting to get out of it. Here are some of them.

1. I don’t always want to go to class because it is hard work, but I go anyway! It’s worth it and we all do the work together.

2. It has also helped me become stronger for other things such as bicycling and dancing. My symptoms are less of a problem, I feel better, and my core muscles are stronger.

3. I have a reserve of energy that I didn’t know I had. When Al, our trainer says, “One minute left – make it count!!!!!!” I can give more. I use to think that tiredness meant I had used up all I had.

4. Rock Steady Boxing has shown me that I can stick with something physically and mentally challenging, which is what Parkinson’s requires, too. I don’t give up as easily now.

This is definitely a win-win for me. Besides, I really like punching things.

– Julia Huestis